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Wip meme

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!
i kinda bent the "no more than one sentence" rule sorry. also some of these are in really early stages that's why the sentences suck and there are no commas. //updated 12.10.2015 because i have so many wips idk what i'm doing anymore

1. So Sehun’s and Jongin’s romantic date transforms into an awkward threesome but Sehun doesn’t seem to mind (or he’s too dense to notice the weird atmosphere), and even though Jongin gives Luhan a few weird looks, he doesn’t say anything either.

2.If you were to ask Lu Han what’s his favorite thing about humans, he would answer the red strings of faith, of course without the slightest hesitation.

3. In the end Luhan may have forgotten that Sehun was ever a part of his life but Sehun couldn’t ever forget how Luhan’s smile lighted up his whole world.

4. Sehun briefly thinks about the last time someone but his mother touched him like this and realizes that it was probably in kindergarten. It’s kind of sad but he tries not to mull over it too much.

5. And when Jongin kisses Luhan behind the castle after Sehun’s fiancée’s ball party, Luhan thinks he could love Jongin.

6. “Even worse than the time we got drunk and decided to test if I actually can transform into a bat in the right circumstances and I ended up jumping from a 3-story-building while Chanyeol filmed everything and yelled Do it for the vine in the background and I was in a coma for a month?”

7. He lowers his camera and sees Sehun standing about twenty meters away, casually lifting his shirt and releasing the beautiful glory that is his abs for the whole world to see before wiping some sweat off in very, very, very unnecessarily manner.

8. The very first day Mr. Huang arrived, Luhan's boss stated that the man had one ground rule when it came to cleaning his room: “Do not touch his stuff”. It was easier said than done since the man had stuff literally everywhere.

9. For a second he thinks about pickpocketing the stranger (out of an old habit, spare hours aren’t something he really needs anymore) but then he notices the man’s thin wrist and the row of zeroes accompanying the few lonely digits ticking down on it.

10. Sehun had always lived his life free from any social pressure and obligations being an omega brought him but, unfortunately, some higher-up power didn’t agree to his life philosophy.

11. “My favorite dongsaeng,” the boy hummed, grinning sleepily, and tried to get up only to fall off the couch with a loud thump. Sehun had a feeling this would be a long night.

12. But as the night grew old and the crew of Royal Mary had long scattered into the busy life of the harbor, the Prince found himself staring longingly, not at the open sea, but the barren foreland reaching from the shore, his head filled with golden eyes and glowing smiles.

13. When the MC announces the weeks winner and G.A.P. steals the victory from him for the third time in a row, Sehun fantasies about strangling the cocky brunet grinning at him before accepting the microphone and starting his speech.

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