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The End of 2016 and Start of 2017

Another one of these since 2016 ends soon.

For starters:

I can’t believe it has been another year. I feel like I haven’t achieved anything during 2016 – writing wise at least. I was so tired because of my job and the second year of my university studies. I barely even read fics during the second half of the year. What have I became?

An adult (or something) I guess.

It was a rough year. I had many personal issues to fix and go through, school didn’t have any mercy for my poor ass and my feelings were a big mess. But I made it through. And now I’m rewarding myself with a less demanding spring and a lot of fluff.

What I did in 2016:

I feel that, even though I didn’t write that much, my writing improved a lot. At least I got a lot picker when it comes to my own stuff. Now looking back to some of the stuff I wrote in 2015, I could have done so much better. Borderline deserved so much better – maybe I’ll rewrite it someday. The WIPs I have from last year all need complete rewriting. I guess this is growth of some sort.

I like to think my grammar got better (all thanks to my betas). I LEARNED MORE ABOUT COMMAS. A lot more, though, I have forgotten most of it during this break.

I started way too many WIPs I didn’t finish and probably never will. The MAMA!AU got a proper kick start in January. Well I mean it’s nearly not finished but I did start it. And I finally wrote about catboy!Sehun. What a year.

Goals for 2016:

Again, write more. And better. But mostly just write write write. Finish that MAMA!AU and finally write that ABO!AU I have always wanted to do. Read more. Be better. All that shit.


My Writing in 2015:

Out of the fics I started/finished in 2016…

Favorite story of the year: Shooting kisses
Most popular story of the year: Your moves aren’t very effective
Most fun story to write: Of potions and catboys
Hardest story to write: MAMA!AU WIP
Biggest surprise: That beagle line space!AU WIP
Most "that's wrong, even for you" story: one Luhan selfcest WIP I have hidden in my files

Favorite lines:

~ “Look what you did! Are you happy now? You made her cry,” Sehun groaned (how the boy managed to look cute even when his face was twisted in fury was beyond Luhan) and tried to comfort the poor creature in his arms, giving it much softer words and looks than the ones directed to Luhan, “let’s show this dimwit what you’re made of, okay? We’re going to kick his petty butt and make him cry, aren’t we?” – Your moves aren’t very effective

~ All in all, Sehun’s pretty content. His life’s a high-speed train heading towards success and a Nobel price or two. No distractions, just labs, reports and anime.
But all good things must come to an end, and, in Sehun’s case, the end begins with an attempted murder. – WIP (College!AU)

~ Lurking in the shadows was never something Minseok enjoyed. He didn’t feel like he belonged into the darkness, among the people that never died but never really lived either.
– – Lu Han was a curious case from the very start. He wasn’t old yet – maybe a couple hundred years at the most, there wasn’t any trace of the cynicism and hate that the persecutions during the Middle Ages left on the night people. Instead, what Minseok saw in the man’s eyes was a playful glint, the kind of joy of living Minseok thought was extinct among his kind. – WIP (Vampires!AU)

~ It always amazes Luhan how well the Chinese language fits his father’s emotionless yet smooth speech. The man never quite mastered the softer tone of Korean – or maybe it didn’t just suit him – and his words always seem to be lacking something, but with his mother tongue the man’s words cut like a knife. – WIP (MAMA!AU)

Favorite fic posted: Shooting kisses

Favorite WIPs:

~ Generation X [Mama!AU with a hint of X-men] Luhan’s walls are filled with countless posters and drawings of superheroes. Sehun just wants to belong.

~ Untitled [Space!AU] Chanyeol can't read a 3D map, Jongdae steals a cat, someone kidnaps Sehun and Baekhyun just wants to go home.

~ The silver lining [Vampires!AU] Minseok finds himself entangled into the relationship of the most curious kind of vampire and his human boytoy.


Statistics of 2016:

Words written: ~20k (only posted fics and the MAMA!AU)
Fics posted: 3
Fics started: 20, 17 of which are still WIPs
Favorite main character: Sehun (in 11 fics)
Favorite supporting characters: Luhan, Chanyeol, Minseok
Comments left: 77

List of posted fics:
~ Your moves aren’t very effective (31.3.2016)
~ Of potions and catboys (2.8.2016)
~ Shooting kisses (24.8.2016)


Final words:

2016 wasn’t easy but I survived. Hopefully 2017 will be slightly gentler.