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My WIPS folder

updated 18.07.2016

a big list of wips that i hopefully finish at some point of my life. some of them are just ideas, some are almost finished and others something in between, but in the end they are all unfinished and hiding in my folder called "exo".

i'm really bad at writing for other people because i can barely keep up with my own ideas but i'm always open for prompts and stuff. i probably won't finish but i promise to try!

- the fic is just a rough draft at the moment
- the plot is finished
- i've written more than 1k
- more than half is written already
- almost finished but i suck

my wips folder

sehun/luhan – game!AU; sehun get's a new main quest when he first meets luhan

sehun/luhan – kim possible!AU; luhan's the evil mastermind, minseok's his unwilling little helper and sehun just needs some extra credits to graduate

sehun/luhan pokemon!au; luhan meets a new 17-year-old trainer that's just too cute
Your moves aren't very effective (but I guess you're my type after all)

sehun/luhan escort!AU; sehun doens't want to go alone to his high school reunion

sehun/luhan guardian angel!AU; sehun follows luhan through the boy's whole life

luhan/luhan/luhan a selfcest; luhan has always been a bit messed up. han and lu are constant reminders about that

sehun/luhan, luhan/? wolf!AU; sehun might be blind but he's everything luhan has ever wanted

sehun/luhan mythology!AU; sehun's never believed the old wives' tales about sirens and their lustful voices that promised eternal bliss. not before he met one face to face

sehun/luhan camboy!AU; every saturday night at 10pm luhan gets behind his computer to watch his favorite show

sehun/luhan a modern romeo&juliet!AU; sehun and luhan debuted at the same time from different entertainment companies. they say that the line between love and hate

sehun/kai/luhan afterlife!AU; sehun thought the afterlife would be peaceful. well he was wrong

sehun/luhan, chanyeol/xiumin mama!AU; a bunch of broken kids trying to fix themselves

xiumin/sehun office!AU; "you see, this translates to fuck you in office language"

sehun/luhan supernatural beings!AU; luhan's an old fashioned vampire that's scared of germs and sehun thinks luhan's trying to hit on him

sehun/luhan luhan's drunk and sehun's ready to cry

sehun/luhan just two best friends getting drunk and playing gay chicken

sehun/luhan, luhan/chen ABO!AU; angsty and epic ABO fic about discrimination and loving someone you shouldn't or nobody knows that sehun's not a beta and luhan's unable to make his lover his own

sehun/luhan, luhan/others dystopian!AU; sehun's running on stolen time and luhan's loaning his body just to see another sunrise

sehun/luhan actor!AU; luhan has doubts about his co-actor

sehun/luhan 1980s; luhan has made many mistakes in his life but loving another man wasn't one of them - no matter if it got him in a hospital bed fighting for his life

sehun/luhan angel/soulmate!AU; sehun's a little lost and luhan's there to buy him coffee

sehun/luhan sehun doesn't know if he's ready to have kids and one day he wakes up and somehow his husband has turned into one

sehun/luhan college!AU; sehun's awkward and luhan's perfect. good thing they both like marvel movies

sehun/luhan stardust!AU; sehun accidentally drops luhan out of the sky

sehun/luhan, luhan/baekhyun, luhan/kai royal!AU; sehun's the future king and luhan's just his orphan cousin living in the palace

sehun/his hand luhan's away and sehun wakes up horny

beagle line-centric space!AU; chanyeol can't read a 3D map, jongdae steals a cat, someone kidnaps sehun and baekhyun just wants to go home

sehun/luhan – fake married!AU; luhan needs a husband and he needs one fast. a really cliche but cute

sehun/luhan canon; sehun wakes up bruised and sore and luhan's to blame

sehun/luhan merman!AU; sehun has always wanted to feel the sand under his toes

sehun/xiumin/luhan – vampire!AU; minseok finds himself entangled into the relationship of the most curious kind of vampire and his human boytoy

suho/chen – death note!AU; junmyeon never thinks of himself as a murderer. a guardian would be more suitable

i write too much selu someone save me
this was inspired by the wonderful brittlepin

[identity profile] 2016-03-24 07:13 pm (UTC)(link)
haha omg there's literally a string of selu from top to bottom. More like, there's nothing but luhan from top to bottom hahaha xD Oh this hunhan OTP ;A; It was my first one EVER ;A; It's got a special space in my heart ;A; seeing this is such a relief, that there's still someone ready and willing to write them ;A;

THE KIM POSSIBLE AU!!!! I can't even- I need to hear more about this! XD Villians XiuHan with student Sehun- I'm :'DDDDDDD

and of course WHO DOESN'T LOVE POKEMON AU'S oh dear lord ;A; bop that up your list please :'D sehun and Luhan and precious lil pokemons ♡

hybrid!AU; luhan has 99 problems and all of them are his cat hybrid sehun -- lol WHY NOT? Just recently I've been daydreaming about a problematic hybrid cats AU and this is filling in my feels need :P

supernatural beings!AU; luhan's an old fashioned vampire that's scared of germs and sehun thinks luhan's trying to hit on him
a germophobic vampire!han and sehun being oblivious yeas i feel life being breathed into me yeeeaasssssss

sehun doesn't know if he's ready to have kids and one day he wakes up and somehow his husband has turned into one -- lmao i have a secret little liking for au's like these, depending on how they're written xD

and now, the sad secret sigh of desolation OTL but maaaaaan, you've got a bunch of them written out nicely ;A;
Should we hope for something to be posted any time before summer?

[identity profile] 2016-03-25 04:22 pm (UTC)(link)
yeah so much selu! haha now that i look at this list i feel like i should start writing other pairings too XD maybe someday. but i'm happy that at least some people still want to read about my absolute otp ;A;

THE KIM POSSIBLE AU!!!! I can't even- I need to hear more about this! XD
i would love to talk about this au with someone so if you are ever bored just send me a message! :D

i hope to post at least something before the summer (since i don't really have that much school work or anything right now) but i have this one a bit longer project that i need to finish first (and hopefully i'll make it before the deadline OTL)

[identity profile] 2016-03-28 07:49 pm (UTC)(link)
/whispers/ try XiuHun xD

I'll sit down and in those DMs we might get kinky or we might get evil guy + college dude ! au xD but that's as soon as my term ends Dx
I'm running on the last few ounces of gas and there are only 2 months left to freedom!!! \o/ i need all the prayers and well wishes i can get tbh T-T

p.s, Is the longer project related to exordium? :o

[identity profile] 2016-03-29 04:26 pm (UTC)(link)
actually i have been reading a lot of xiuhun lately. maybe i should give it a try :D

i'm praying for you and your mental health during these two months! don't burn yourself out ;; our kinky DMs can wait two months lol

(no it's not for exordium but SFF exo! i wanted to take part in exordium too but my schedule was too full already sigH :< )

[identity profile] 2016-04-11 02:51 am (UTC)(link)
I'll be waiting for the day xiuhun happens on your journal and I faint hahaha xD