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can i just start off by saying i love that this whole list is basically selu because i'm always on the search for new selu fics (even though my too read list is actually overflowing) and i'm so frickin excited for all of them omg????? please finish writing them and make the world a better place thank you

my favs have to be (hint hint hint):

● sehun/luhan – kim possible!AU; luhan's the evil mastermind, minseok's his unwilling little helper and sehun just needs some extra credits to graduate
(kim possible = childhood, need i say more)

● luhan/luhan/luhan – a selfcest; luhan has always been a bit messed up. han and lu are constant reminders about that

● sehun/luhan – camboy!AU; every saturday night at 10pm luhan gets behind his computer to watch his favorite show

● sehun/luhan – a modern romeo&juliet!AU; sehun and luhan debuted at the same time from different entertainment companies. they say that the line between love and hate

●sehun/kai/luhan – afterlife!AU; sehun thought the afterlife would be peaceful. well he was wrong

● sehun/luhan – just two best friends getting drunk and playing gay chicken

● sehun/luhan – college!AU; sehun's awkward and luhan's perfect. good thing they both like marvel movies

● sehun/luhan – stardust!AU; sehun accidentally drops luhan out of the sky

● sehun/luhan, luhan/baekhyun, luhan/kai – royal!AU; sehun's the future king and luhan's just his orphan cousin living in the palace


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